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Douglas Insights

Client Introduction

Douglas Insights is the world’s first comparison engine for market research reports that offers custom project inquiries and a strong connection between publishers and clients. They could be called pioneers in their industry and they believed in our professional approach to the new innovative ideas of our clients.

What was the main challenge of the project?
The main challenge was to convert our idea into a web application and Voidweb’s team listened to the complete idea and delivered it as we have expected.

There are many different companies offering market research reports on similar topics. It’s extremely hard for the end customer to choose an appropriate report. Introduce criteria like report license price, author credibility, date of release, and the number of pages and it becomes a nightmare.

This prolongs the end customer’s time to make a decision and the effort needed to compare all the similar reports. This results in a long sales cycle, which is bad for both parties, the client and the publisher.

These issues lead to a loss of potential revenue for publishers. We believe, that communication and understanding are key factors in successful business partnerships. We invest a lot to understand the ideas of our clients and to add our value to every project we participate in. This investment of time and resources give us the confidence to offer efficiency and effectiveness to our customers.

How did you select Voidweb and what were the deciding factors?
We have gone through various companies on and had lots of calls with them but Voidweb’s team initial call went perfect and they understood completely exactly what we were looking for.

The services we provided were Web Development, UI/UX Design, and Branding.

The web development brief was to create a strong SEO-focused frontend, a web app for both clients and publishers, and a backend. After learning the details of the situation, the Voidweb team proposed a custom solution that would fulfill the desired outcome.

Since this project we forced our knowledge in inventing our blog posting campaign, where we share information regarding the technologies we use. We offer to the community the opportunity to learn about the technical part of their projects and to find the best services offered in the market - Voidweb.

The Process

We started the project with a few consultation sessions, where our team discovered what would be exactly desired as a final outcome.

Our team started with the user interface design and it took us 3 weeks to finish it.

After the user interface was successfully approved by the client we proceeded with the web development part of the project.

Douglas Insights Reports

Douglas Insights Dashboard

Technologies used

We chose Nuxt.js(Vue.js) for the frontend as the platform is focused heavily on SEO. For the backend, we utilized Strapi CMS.

Can you share any measurable outcomes of the project or general feedback about the deliverables?
Complex development done easy by the Voidweb’s team.

The development took us 6 months to finish. Additionally, we did a few more rounds of new features and extensions of already completed ones. We constantly check our clients after the end of the project and we offer our services for every new project they have or every new idea related to a previous projects, where Voidweb already added value.

What did you find most impressive or unique about Voidweb?
Fair costing & commitment to deliver quality work.

Quality is our mission and we believe that this is the key factor for satisfaction of the client’s needs.

The new platform started generating sales in as little as a few months after its initial release. Established publishers adopted its structure and started using it immediately.

Are there any areas for improvement or something they could have done differently?
Timelines – I think we have delayed the project by 1-2 months, but there were few reworks from our end too.

Douglas Insights Contacts

What advice could you give other clients looking for Voidweb’s services?
Voidweb’s team is great and you can reply on them for your next project.


Today Douglas Insights is striving to scale and help more clients looking for market research reports. We will continue working with them to assist them with new features and extensions.

As a non-technical business owner, it’s hard to envision your desired features as tech requirements. The right partner can assist you to do it without sacrificing user experience or prolonging deadlines much.

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