Cyris the all-in-one next-generation payment processing platform, digitalized their company’s vision.

Building a strong corporate vision for a payment processing platform.
Cyris business idea is to create the most innovative payment platform. Their comprehensive payment processing solutions are designed to help businesses stay competitive and succeed in today's complex payment environment while providing their customers with a seamless and secure payment experience. The aim was to build a card scheme connectivity solution that provides seamless access to major payment networks. The company contacted Voidweb in order to find the most suitable solution to realize their innovative ideas. (
Web Development

About the client

Cyris as a company is a growing provider of payment processing services that help businesses of all sizes securely and efficiently accept electronic payments. They specialize in various payment-related solutions, including card scheme connectivity, acquirer's processing, issuer's processing, clearing and settlement, and security and compliance. Since their founding in 2022, they've focused on building a team of experienced payment processing experts and investing in state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure our clients have access to the most reliable, secure, and efficient payment processing solutions on the market.

About the product

The product of Cyris is an all-in-one payment processing for financial institutions, electronic money institutions (EMIs), and progressive fintech companies. The platform provides four core solutions: Card Scheme Connectivity, Acquirer’s processing, Issuer’s Processing, Clearing and Settlement, Security and Compliance.

Client's challenges

The main challenge of the project was to develop a highly functional and visually appealing corporate website that met our specific requirements. We needed a website that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also fast, flexible, and capable of handling our business needs. It was a challenge to strike the right balance between design and functionality while ensuring seamless user experience across different devices.

Aneliya Ivanova

Client's expectations

The primary objective of Cyris was to develop a corporate website.

The user-friendly design and intuitive navigation of the website have made it easier for visitors to explore our services and career opportunities. As a result, we have experienced an accelerated recruitment process, attracting qualified candidates who are genuinely interested in joining our team. While we don't have specific measurable outcomes to share, we are confident that the website has played a crucial role in strengthening our brand presence and optimizing our recruitment efforts.

Aneliya Ivanova

The role of Voidweb

Our role was to meet the expectations of the client and also overperform based on the excellent expertise and professional approach of the software engineers and developers.

We chose Voidweb after a careful evaluation process that included reviewing their portfolio, assessing their technical expertise, and considering their track record of successful website development projects. The deciding factors were their extensive experience in the technology stack we wanted to utilize, their ability to meet our project timeline expectations, and their competitive pricing that aligned with our budget. Overall, Voidweb's proven expertise and ability to deliver on our requirements made them the right choice for our project.

Aneliya Ivanova

Approach to the challenge

We had to create an SEO-oriented website and a Content Management System to act as a backend. Including a pixel-perfect and responsive design, our job was to use an already-built design from our client’s internal team in Figma.

We approached the first challenge strategically and we created a Nuxt.js frontend that can support a lot of content pages. One of our resources was the perfect fit to work on pixel-perfect and responsive for all screen designs. He did a great job integrating the Figma design into an exact copy with the help of TailwindCSS and extending its default rules and styles.

As for the other challenge we used Strapi CMS to support every marketing purpose of the company. Another reason for using Strapi was to help their internal HR department publish Job ads on their Careers page.

Strapi CMS is based on Node.js and it made perfect sense to use it for this exact case. Making it great also for integrating email automation and other 3rd party APIs.


One of the most impressive aspects of Voidweb was their attention to detail and ability to bring our design vision to life. They accurately captured our brand identity and translated it into a visually stunning website. Their expertise in user experience and responsive design was particularly noteworthy.

Aneliya Ivanova

For clients considering Voidweb's services, I would advise them to clearly communicate their project requirements and expectations from the beginning. It's important to establish a solid line of communication and provide timely feedback throughout the project. Additionally, being open to suggestions and collaborating closely with Voidweb's team can lead to better outcomes. Lastly, setting realistic timelines and considering potential contingencies can help ensure a smooth and successful project delivery.
Aneliya Ivanova
Brand Manager at Cyris

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