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Webflow is a powerful, web-based design tool that gives you the superpower of designing, building, and launching responsive websites without the use of code.

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What Is Webflow?

Webflow is an all-star level design platform that allows you to go from the initial idea to ready-to-use products. Webflow's design is pure gold. It fills the gap between software like Squarespace, Wix, and the world's most popular CMS WordPress. Webflow's design flexibility, lightning speed performance, and ease-of-use make it quite a success story as Webflow referred to as the next-generation tool for building and launching websites by newcomers and professionals across the web.If you are already familiar with other website builders the market is filled with, you are aware they promise all-in-one solutions for any design project, but in reality, more than not they fall short on both the design and development side. Unfortunately, only a handful of tools deliver to their promises.

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Why Webflow?

Close the gap between visual design mocks and the final website

If you don’t eat, sleep, and breathe web design — and most clients don’t — it can be tough to visualize a live website from static mockups. A static, two-dimensional mockup only tells half the story, leaving out all the interactive elements that set great websites apart from okay ones.Webflow’s live prototyping removes the guesswork and lets your clients experience the design before signing off on it. The fact that you can quickly give your clients a live prototype to interact with will boost their confidence — and set more concrete expectations for both you and the client.

Faster iterations during the design review process

Webflow lets you finalize projects faster — without sacrificing quality. You’ll get initial designs into your clients’ hands in days, not weeks. And you’ll be able to implement your clients’ changes with ease, moving the final product closer to launch and decreasing time between client approval and version iterations.Prototyping with Webflow means you can make design and content changes in the same environment, and push them live with a click. Instead of sending your client static mockups, you can deliver a live staging site to review, make real-time changes, and complete the approval process in a fraction of the time.

Custom client-facing CMS

With Webflow CMS, you can choose exactly which elements the client can customize and modify, so they don’t need to be afraid of breaking anything. Webflow’s Editor gives your clients access to their content in a controlled environment so they can focus on building out their site’s content, without fear of bringing it all crashing down.Of course, the Editor does much more than let clients edit static content right on the live website. It’s also where they can manage their dynamic Collections, so they can draft and publish blog posts, case studies, even new products.You can even whitelabel the CMS, replacing the default Webflow logo with your own, or your clients’ branding.

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