software agency

Voidweb Ltd.

Erik Petrov


Founded 2020.

Small, yet capable team with a vision for creative digital excellence.

Our power is in creating spectacular websites and web applications.

We strive to give you products that deliver real results and value.

Our team will be your partner from the beginning and the first thing that we do is to understand you and your vision.

Corporate Websites

We build all types of websites with platforms like Webflow, Wordpress and custom code.

We have a solution for every specific project. Websites made by us are viewed and talked about on a daily basis.


When building eCommerce web projects we utilise Woocommerce, Cloudcart or Webflow.

Our team will assist you when planning out the structure and the showcase for you project.

Web Applications

This is where our expertise is on a very high-end level. We build web application with Laravel 8 + Livewire/Insertia.js, Vue.js

We have a proven process for building web applications.